Results drive our process. Our clients find it refreshing that all of our processes are designed around simplicity, transparency and common sense. To that end we:

Competitively bid every aspect of our projects with time-tested contractors that have proven their quality and expertise – many have worked for us for decades;
Have our clients work with both architects and designers to ensure that their vision and needs are met with attention to the project being timeless and period-correct;
Price our renovations on a cost-plus-fee basis, where all costs and fees fully disclosed to our clients. Revision Comoperates on a fully open-book basis – all bids and invoices are open to our clients to review;
We don’t ask our clients to sign a contract until we have a final project design, material selections, and a budget that meet our client’s expectations;
Work with our clients to determine with existing materials can be reused or refinished to reflect our commitment to the environment and to your budget;
Bill monthly, and only for work done or materials delivered and invoiced to us. We don’t take large deposits. We’re paid as work is completed;
Manage payments and lien releases through a third party title company. Your payments are disbursed directly to those that have done the work; and
Employ technology to make the renovation process as seamless as possible– we’ve developed an online system that allows every member of the team to access project information, 24-7. Plans, specifications, budget, finish selections, change orders, schedule, and all project information is accessible to the entire team at any time;
In short, this is renovation…rethought.