So you can Relax.

Revision’s subcontractors are known for their skill and professionalism. Most of these craftsmen are family businesses known to be the best in their trade. They are proud of the work they do. Many have been partnered with us for thirty, even forty, years. Each subcontractor has passed Revision’s high quality control expectations before being allowed the opportunity to work on our projects.

Our subcontractors enjoy working with us not because we demand a quality, cost-effective job, but rather because they would be satisfied with nothing less. Partnered together, we will not tolerate inadequate or minimal specifications. Working efficiently, productively, and predictably, we get the job done right the first time. Their work is a reflection of the Revision philosophy.

Over the course of a project, our clients come to know their craftsmen. They often feel they are like family, bringing coffee or donuts or even lunch to show appreciation for the hard work and quality results they achieve. Many clients even invite subcontractors to the completion party because they have become friends and enjoyed working with them.

We trust that you will appreciate the hard work of the craftsmen that will be working on your project and take comfort in knowing that they wouldn’t be there if they hadn’t earned our trust.